Congratulations, you’re a yuppie! (sellout!)

Life is a breeze. Your days are filled with pointless meetings, cubicle gossip, and, if you play your cards right, very little actual work.

In fact you’re probably reading this right now at work... I rest my case.

But that doesn’t mean you don’t have your fair share of challenges, and it’s important you confront those challenges head-on in the most classy and manly way possible.

Being a yuppie, you almost definitely walk to lunch on a daily basis (packing a lunch is for 3rd graders… although between you and me, I miss the snack packs). Heck, if you’re doing it right, your home is within walking distance of all the coolest happy-hour haunts.

Again... life is good.

However, one must always account for those rainy days...

Walking in the rain is one of the most emasculating challenges an adult male must face. I don’t care who you are, or how tough you may be - it’s the anti-spinach. You are probably all too familiar with its effects: shrugged up shoulders, squinting, pained eyes, and a face that screams "oh crap, I’m going to have to spend the rest of the day in soiled trousers".

In movies, the only time a man is ever shown in the rain is in the dreaded chick flick. Even then, it’s either after he’s been kicked to the curb, or when he’s outside defiantly proclaiming his love come hell or high water (what a wimp!) ... or if he’s being portrayed by John Cusack.

Keep in mind, this is only done to subliminally give the impression that the man is crying, without having to make him physically do it. Proving that even though women may say that want a sensitive man, you better not be so sensitive that you cry like a blubbering idiot.

Therefore, when combating an enemy as ancient as the earth itself, it’s important to be prepared both mentally and physically.

So, what is a man supposed to do in these difficult and wet times?

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A Yuppies Guide to Walking in the Rain like a Man
01.10.2014 ~ 04:30 PM
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In the past, if you needed to run startup code in a class library, you included a method call in the "Application_Start" of the Global.asax file. Thankfully, .NET 4.0 has made things easier with the PreApplicationStartMethodAttribute! This helpful attribute allows us to hand-pick code to execute when the application starts without ever modifying the Global.asax file, or messier yet, creating an HttpHandler.

Let's see it in action!

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Simulate "Application_Start" in Class Library
12.30.2013 ~ 12:37 AM
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Ho, Ho, Ho! For this year’s company Christmas card, my place of work (Williams-Forrest) decided to make a fun little site that decides whether or not you’ve been Naughty or Nice.

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Have you been Naughty or Nice?!
12.17.2013 ~ 11:03 AM
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Creating background tasks in .NET has always been a bit of a pain. You want to create something localized to your project solution that doesn't have to deal with scheduled tasks or other kinds of tomfoolery. Well, thankfully, those days are far behind us! All we need is a little... magic!

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Introducing "ScheduleMagic" A Simple Task Scheduler for ASP.NET
12.03.2013 ~ 02:21 PM
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If you've worked within a SharePoint project, you may have noticed the absense of the "Global.asax" file. The SharePoint infrastructure doesn't include this file, so all methods within it, including the "Application_Start", are also unavailable. However, with some tricky maneuvering, we are able to simulate it.

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Simulate "Application_Start" in Sharepoint
11.25.2013 ~ 03:30 PM
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