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I really wanted to like ASP.NET MVC Sections... but I just couldn't. They just seem so rigid.

For instance, say I had a section right before the end of my body tag to stash all JavaScript files -- this is great, except I can only add code to this section one time, from one View. But what if my View renders other [partial] Views, all of which need to add JavaScript to the end of the body? Because of this drawback, sections became almost entirely useless to me.

Orchard [a popular CMS engine I've talked about before] has the Script.Head() and Script.Foot() methods, and these seemed like a big improvement. You could add code to these anywhere, and as many times as you liked. Unfortunately, while it is a step in the right direction, it still isn't quite dynamic enough. It only allows two sections: the head and the foot (and not to mention the application has to be built within Orchard). So yet again, even though these Orchard helpers are good, they aren't good enough.

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Improved ASP.NET MVC Sections
01.25.2014 ~ 01:50 PM
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Ho, Ho, Ho! For this year’s company Christmas card, my place of work (Williams-Forrest) decided to make a fun little site that decides whether or not you’ve been Naughty or Nice.

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Have you been Naughty or Nice?!
12.17.2013 ~ 11:03 AM
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When I was a young recreational internet surfer, cranking out sites on Geocities, I had my first great idea: to make a link navigate the user to a brief page of advertising before redirecting to the actual link. I stumbled upon the idea after noticing just how many links people would post on the internet forums I frequented – the topics of which I’m sure would now embarrass me. While at the time it was a pure money making scheme (one that would prove successful for companies in the future), I was just a wide-eyed pre-teen with no idea how to start such a project. So the window of opportunity opened – and then shortly thereafter closed.

While the focus now is more on aesthetics and length, the idea is basically the same: have a link that redirects to another link.

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01.12.2011 ~ 06:14 PM
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